Indoor Pistol League

The Winter 2017 edition of the Indoor League is up and running. We meet at the upper range on Friday nights and attempt to get started by 7:30PM. The league is limited to 22 caliber revolvers or semi-automatic pistols only. The distance is 50 feet. We start with Slow Fire that is 10 shots fired in 10 minutes. The next stage is Time Fire which is two 5 round stages each fired in 20 seconds. Then comes Rapid Fire which is two stages of 5 shots each fired in 10 seconds. The last event is the Duel Target which is an NRA B-27 reduced to 50 ft. This target will face you for 3 seconds and turn away for 6-7 seconds.Each time it faces you, one shot is fired. In all, 15 shots are fired on this target. The total possible score is 450 – 45X. We generally fire two relays a night. The cost for the league is $1.00 a relay. This money goes to purchase targets. The Indoor League is very popular with the Club. So, come out and bring your .22 with you.

From January to the middle of May we occupy the MRC Indoor Range which has 10 lanes with turning targets. From the middle of May until September 1st we move to bay 9 and shoot 3 guns weather permitting. 22, center fire and 45 ACP. The course of fire is Slow Fire 10 shots in 10 minutes, Time Fire 2 stages of 5 shots each, each fired in 20 seconds and Rapid Fire two stages of 5 shots each, each fired in 10 seconds. We will do that with each caliber. If you do not have all three guns not two worry. You may substitute 3 22 cal. or a 22 and 2 center fires or a 22 and 2 45s. You will need 90 rounds of the ammo you are going to shoot. The Cost remains at $ 2.00 per night.

Sept we move back to the indoor range for the fall and winter. In November we start to get ready for the Inland Empire Postal by shooting 3  sets of Slow Fire, Time Fire and Rapid Fire.

Sign up for the Postal is mid Nov. The INLAND EMPIRE POSTAL is a 10 week National competition. It is put on by the Inland Empire Rifle and Pistol Association out of Spokane WA. with teams from all over the nation In the past we have entered 10 people in the Postal which is 2 – 4 person teams with 2 extra shooters. Each week for 10 weeks the highest 4 scores go on Team 1 the next 4 go on Team 2 the two lowest still have scores submitted to the NRA and can obtain a classification in Indoor Pistol.

In 2016 we experimented with having a second day with some shooter opting to meet Tuesday morning to shoot.