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More guns. More FUN!

Discipline Description: Like USPSA with 3 times the guns and 3 times the fun! Multigun is an action-packed game where the shooter is scored on speed and accuracy. The shooter will use their pistol, rifle, and shotgun to engage a variety of targets: paper, falling steel, spinning steel, flying clays and more from many different shooting positions all while racing the clock!

Every match provides unique challenges! At Marysville we generally have a four-stage match with targets as close as 3 yards and as far as 100 yards. We follow USPSA safety rules but are technically “outlaw” allowing us flexibility to allow different divisions. The round count varies for each match, but minimum is normally in the ballpark of 50 pistol, 50 rifle, 50 birdshot (and sometimes a couple slugs).


Multigun competitions have been occurring since at least the late 1970s when the Soldier of Fortune matches occurred in Missouri.

Mandatory Safety Check

Before a shooter is qualified to “play” Multigun, they must participate in a safety check. The shooter is taught the range commands, safety regulations, and rules. Everything they need to complete their first match! Safety checks must be scheduled in advance (email us!) and are normally done during setup the Saturday before the match.


A solid belt with a secure holster completely covering the trigger guard (you should be able to run and do up/downs while it’s secure). Pistol (9mm is most common), Holster, 2-3 mags and holders. Rifle (223 is most common), 2-3 mags and at least one holder. Shotgun (12 gauge is most common), Shotshell Holders.


Multigun matches are held the fourth Sunday of each month at an average cost of $26.00 per shooter. Registration on PractiScore Setup is always the day before in the MRC Action Bays. Spectators are welcome at all Multigun events. Please bring eye and ear protection.

More Information

For the latest information about the MRC Multigun events, visit our PractiScore page or Facebook page (

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