Police Pistol Combat Competition


Open to all law enforcement officers, reserves, their affiliates, and military police per rule 2.5, civilians my also fire but in their own class and their own relay. There will be no team matches. Identification to support law enforcement status must be available and shown on demand of match officials. 


An across the board entry fee will be charged each competitor of $15.00 for the first PPC (Police Pistol Competition Revolver or Semi Auto) and a$ 15.00 fee for the second PPC (Semi-Auto) fired.
Of these fees collected from law enforcement competitors, $4.00 of the first PPC and $4.00 of the second PPC will be remitted to the NRA. Of these fees collected from civilians, $4.00 from each PPC will be retained by the club for range improvement. From the collected fees for all competitors, the Washington State Police Pistol Association will receive $4.00 per shooter and MRC will receive $2.00.

PPC Matches are fired at MRC on the third Saturday of every Month. Sign-up begins at 8:30AM with firing beginning at 10:00AM. Competitors and spectators will need eye protection and ear protection. Competitors must bring  firearms appropriate for the events being shot, a holster attached to the belt (either right or left handed but no shoulder or cross draw holsters are allowed), at least 4 speed loaders or magazines for each firearm being shot, and enough ammunition for the event which must be 32 caliber or greater (no high speed or magnum allowed). See details of each event below.

The order of events:

Off Duty Pistol (2 ½” to 3 1/2″ Revolver or Semi-Auto pistol) Required 48 rounds

3 Yard line: on whistle draw and fire 6 shots strong hand only double actions 8 seconds.

7yard line: 12 shots DA 20 Seconds two hands no support.

15 yard line: 12 shots two hands DA no support 20 seconds.

25 yard line: 18 shots 6 shots kneeling, 6 shots standing using barricade for cover and support left handed from left side of barricade and 6 shots fired right side of barricade 90 seconds all firing is double action score targets hits out side 7 ring do not count.
Possible score 480

Duty Pistol 48 rounds

This the exact same match except using a fire arm a law enforcement would be expected to carry on duty. In fact, working and retired police are expected to actually shoot the same fire arm they carried on duty.

Open Class Revolver and Open Class Semi-Auto Pistol 1500 match 60 rounds

Match 3:
Stage 1: 7 yard line 12 shots 20 seconds DA only.
Stage 2: 25 yard 18 shots fired DA 6 shots kneeling w/o support, 6 shots left handed standing left side of barricade, 6 shots standing right handed on right side of barricade time 90 seconds all  firing DA. Score targets 30 shots 300 possible.
Stage 3: 50 yard line 24 shots fired 2min 45 sec single or DA. 6 shots kneeling, 6 shots prone, 6 shots left handed from the left side of the barricade shots and 6 shots fired right handed from the right side of the barricade.

Note: The barricades simulate cover and/or concealment. When used it is required that all body parts with the exception of the firearm and enough of the head to see your sights be behind that portion of the barricade. Thus, if you are using the left side of the barricade you can be exposed on the right and if shooting on the right you can be exposed on the left. All speed loaders or magazines to be used in a stage must be carried on the person of the shooter not taken from a tray or bucket.

Have questions or need further information?

Indoor Pistol/PPC discipline chair: Mike Haakensen / kmhaakensen@aol.com