Fast and Furious USPSA

Discipline Description: “If Cowboy is the two step then USPSA is rock ‘n roll!” exclaimed Rick Parker. While the clock ticks away the seconds, USPSA shooters face staged “real-life” scenarios that include swirling and sliding targets. Imagine… 25 targets, 50 rounds, 5 shooting positions, 2 reloads, no misses… all in 18 seconds! That’s what Joe DeSimone did in a recent practice session using his Strayer-Voigt .38 Super race gun. “You have to find a way to shoot proficiently, so you’re not wasting any time,” explained Joe, “…it’s 99% mental.”

USPSA is an action-packed game. In one scenario a shooter may begin by lying in a make-shift bed and then spring to life to face more than a dozen intruders. In another he may run across a bridge and dodge behind a vehicle, shooting would-be attackers all the way. “The (USPSA) game is based on speed and accuracy,” clarified Lisa Munson, USPSA shooter of 13 years. USPSA scores are calculated using a formula that factors in the shooter’s score divided by his time.

History: USPSA originated in Southern California at the Southwest Pistol League in the mid-1970’s. Jeff Cooper, founder, began with quick-draw matches that developed into the USPSA game of today.

Mandatory Safety Check: Before a shooter is qualified to “play” USPSA, he/she must participate in a safety check with an USPSA range officer. The shooter is taught the range commands, USPSA regulations, and overall handling of the firearm.

Gear: Common calibers used in USPSA included 9mm, .40 S&W,  .45 ACP and .38 Super. All shooters must wear holsters, as fast draws are common.

Matches: USPSA matches are held the third Sunday of each month at an average cost of $25.00 per shooter. All activities are located in the MRC Action Bays. Spectators are welcome at all USPSA activities. Please bring eye and ear protection.

More Information: For more information about the MRC USPSA activities, visit our Facebook page here.

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