Washington State Hunter Education

What is it?

All first time hunters born after January 1st, 1972 are required by the State of Washington to take Basic Hunter Education in order to receive a hunting license. In addition to the normal classroom and textbook work, the course also includes a live fire and a field course.  The curriculum includes firearm safety and knowledge, bowhunting, conservation, sportsmanship, survival and first aid.  The field course can entail how to get in and out of a boat or how to cross a fence, ditch or log while carrying a firearm.

How much does it cost?

No fee is charged for the course.  A student handbook used in the class is provided free of charge by the WDFW and all instructors are volunteers. Donations to the club, however, are gladly accepted.

What are the class dates?

Visit www.register-ed.com/programs/washington to find the upcoming classes.  Search for classes near zip code 98270.  If no classes appear for the Marysville Rifle Club, then there are no classes currently scheduled.
You must be pre-registered to attend these classes!  Click on the class you are interested in for registration information. Classes are limited to 35 students and are in such demand throughout the year that they typically fill up quickly.  Do not wait until August to try to take this course or you may just find yourself sitting out this season.

What do I need to bring?

Study materials for the class will be provided, however a pen or a pencil will be needed and a highlighter is handy for marking important passages and items of information in your book. You will also need to bring a lunch and snacks on Saturday and Sunday.  There is a soda machine inside the range house but since the lunch times are spent as a ‘working lunch’ it’s best to have all food and drink for the day with you.

Please note*** The Marysville Rifle Club is a ‘Cold Range’ meaning that it is not permitted to carry a firearm in a loaded condition anywhere other than at authorized firing positions during open range conditions.  At no time is it permitted to have a loaded firearm, unless you are a member of law enforcement, within the range houses.  This includes parents.  There is an unloading barrel to the left of the lower range house’s garbage enclosure for safely removing magazines and chambered rounds for those carrying concealed when entering the grounds.

What if I can’t make a class this year?

Washington State offers several other options for Hunter Education:

Deferral Option:

Interested individual ages 10 and older may apply for a once-in-a-lifetime, one license-year deferral of hunter education training.  Individuals receiving a deferral may hunt in the general seasons, but are not eligible to apply for special permit hunts.  For detailed information on the deferral requirements, please visit the WDFW website at: wdfw.wa.gov/hunting/huntered/he_deferral.html. Individuals requesting a deferral may hunt only under the immediate supervision of an experienced hunter.  The accompanying hunter must have a valid Washington State hunting license for each of the three preceding years.  The deferral requires a $20, non-refundable application fee and a photocopy of valid identification that includes the applicant’s birth date.

Online Learning:

Enroll in an online course at www.hunter-ed.com/washington to complete required training, or simply review updated information about hunter safety, ethics and wildlife management.  This option requires the ability to study without supervision.  You must take an online examination and participate in a classroom/range evaluation session lasting approximately four hours. The dates and locations for the classroom/range evaluations are available on the WDFW website.  These evaluations are not currently offered at the Marysville Rifle Club.

Who are the instructors?

All basic hunter education instructors listed are certified instructors for the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife.  Instructors are strictly volunteers and receive no monetary compensation for the countless hours they spend preparing for, performing and documenting the classes they teach.  The reasons for their devotion to the sport and the teaching of the sport are as varied as their personalities, hunting styles and experiences.  The Marysville Rifle Club employs a ‘team teaching’ philosophy so expect to see most, if not all, instructors listed at class.

ROD MOORE has taught this class since 1985 and recommends that “everybody over the age of 12 take this course.”  Rod will start taking reservations in May of each year for his classes in August, September and October.  “If it wasn’t for my secretary (wife), I wouldn’t be able to do these classes,” explains Rod.

KIT WENNERSTEN has taught since 2004.  He is a certified Master Hunter, an NRA certified instructor in various firearms related disciplines and Western Big Game Clinics.

SEAN OVERMAN is also a certified Master Hunter and an avid fly fisherman.  He hunts turkeys in the Spring, upland birds and waterfowl with his two dogs, and pursues big game with a bow.  Sean also happens to be the Web Master for the MRC web site.